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GORDIC Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers GORDIC F60
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers GORDIC F60

Gordic F60 tablet packing machine in rigid tubes
Capacity 60.000 tablets per hour
Tablet diameters 18 - 25 mm
Tube lenght 100 - 210 mm
Compressed air 6 bar
Electrical 220 V - 50 Hz
Dimension ( Lx B x H )
Feeder 1280 x 660 x 1320
Filler 1420 x 920 x 1250
Weight 320 Kg.

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SARONG Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15

Suppository filling machine Sarong SAAS 15
This is a fully automatic machine for the production and packaging of suppositories in deep-drawn Alu/Alu strips.
The machine has an output of approx. 20,000 suppositories/hr.
Two strips of aluminium foil are cold-formed and sealed leaving an opening at the top.
The suppository mass is filled into the shells, which then pass into the cooling tunnel.
The top of the suppository shells are sealed, coded, perforated and notched and the suppository strip is separated vertically.
Two aluminium foil reels are placed on the machine on the left hand side and are guided vertically through the forming station.
The suppository shells are formed by appropriate moulds and compressed air.
The strip then passes into a sealing and filling station where the two halves are aligned, joined and sealed at the base and sides.
The suppository mass has to be pumped into a 80 litre capacity product hopper which is jacketed and fitted with a stirrer.
Fourteen filling needles fill the suppository mass into the shells, which are then transported intermittently through four cooling carousels.
After the cooled and hardened suppository strip emerges from the tunnel, the top of the strip is sealed by electrically heated sealing jaws.
At the same time a code, batch number, use by date etc can be embossed.
Perforations are cut between the individual suppositories and a tear-notch can be cut into the suppository to facilitate opening.
Foil Material Aluminium Duplex Foil 20 micron PP, 40 micron Alu, 20g/m2 PE Max.
Roll Width 50 mm.
Max. Roll Diameter 490 mm.
Output approx. 20,000 suppositories/hr.

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GORDIC Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers GORDIC F60
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers GORDIC F60

Fully automated tube filler for cylindrical tablets.
It can be equipped with format parts for different tablets, tubes and caps. Changes from one format to another is
normally done within 30 minutes.
Format Rance:
Tube lenght: 55 - 180 mm
Tube Diameter: 19-35 mm
Tube material: Plastic or Aluminium
Tablet Diameter: 16-30 mm
Tablet Thickness: 3-10 mm
Machine Data:
Capacity: Nominal up to 60 tubes a minute or 60000 tablets an
hour, depending on the number of tablets per tube
Voltage: 3 x 400 V AC, zero and earth, 50 Hz
Power: Approx. 2 kW
Compressed air: 7-8 bar, approx. 500 L/minute
Weight: Approx. 400 kg

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SARONG Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15AP
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15AP

up to 30,000 suppositories per hour (aluminium version)
up to 26,000 suppositories per hour (plastic version)
Hopper capacity: 80 litres
Hopper heating: by means of electrical resistance and water bath Material reels diameter:
standard 490 mm - optional 550 mm
Maximum width of film: 65 mm
Packaging materials:
duplex (ALU/PE - ALU/thermowelding coating) triptex (PP/ALU/PE) - PP/ALU/thermowelding coating) Thickness o! aluminium foil: 70 to 100 microns

PVC, PVCIPE, PVC/ PVDCIPE and other thermowelding materials.
Thickness of plastic film: 100 to 150 microns Thermoregulating board lor temperatures contro! in the panel Cooling time: two stages 8 minutes - tour stages 16 minutes Minimum cooling temperature: 3°C
Suppository cooling unit power:
two stages: 4400 frig./hour with temperature at 3°C
tour stages: (with one stage heated or at room temperature) 6600 frig./hour - tour stages: 8800 frig./hour

Air consumption:
aluminium version max 80 NUmin. plastic version max. 120 NL/min. at working pressure of 5 kg/
Water consumption: 6 to 8 1/mìn.
optional: water closed circuit with central pumping station of 6000 frig./hr. (two-stage version) and of 11000 frig./hr. (tour-stage version)
Nominal power:
Aluminium version: 2 cooling stages 9 kW - 4 cooling stages 12 kW Plastic version: 2 stages 1 o kW - 4 stages 13 kW
Auxiliary input: 24 Vac - 24 Vdc .
Standard input voltage: 220-380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
other voltage ratings available on request

Length dimension inclusive of heat seat station distanced from batching
station 800 mm approx.
Height of strip from floor at runout: 960 mm
Weight: SMS/15-AP - two stage - 2300 kg
SMS/15-AP - four stage - 2800 kg

Measures: height 2240 mm x length 6970 mm x width 2040 mm

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Groninger Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers Groninger MA200 De-nester
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers Groninger MA200 De-nester
MA200 De-nester

Groninger MA200 De-nester for syringes from 1996, manual feeding of the nests filled with syringes into the nest conveyor (two rows side by side) and automatic feeding to the syringe outfeed station (two axes / horizontal X and vertical Y), where the syringes are removed from the nest in rows and pushed onto the syringe discharge conveyor (with the finger rests on the conveyor belt), the empty nests are conveyed out of the machine via a discharge chute and collected in a container, currently set up for syringes with a diameter of 10. 85 mm, output up to 400 syringes per minute, Siemens S7 PLC control with Siemens MP 377 12" touch panel, servo motors controlled, mains voltage 230/400 V(AC) / 50 Hz, electrical power 3 kW, compressed air supply network 7 bar

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IWKA filling machines IWKA IWKA TFS15
filling machines IWKA IWKA TFS15

The TFS 15 is a tube filling machine designed for an output of 30 to 70 tubes per minute and which allows to pack practically all products such as toothpastes, glues, milk, pastes and creams from the most diverse branches as cosmetics, pharmacy, technical-chemical industry and food, in tubes of dimensions indicated in point 3.1. The machine can process metal tubes . The machine speed and thus the output per minute can be continuously adjusted within the prescribed limits.

Almost all machine movements are mechanically transmitted through the transmission shaft through closed cams, roller levers and tie rods. A rotary table with centralised height adjustment (2) transports the tubes in 10 step-by-step tube holders to the modular construction workstations. The working speed is controlled by a step-by-step control mechanism.

The filling device is designed according to the products to be put in the tube and largely guarantees a filling without air or bubbles. The closing points of pipes depend on the material of the pipes. The metal tubes are closed by folding (double, triple or saddle), the plastic tubes and the hot air-welded laminated material.

Almost all the switching and control elements necessary for the operation of the machine are located on the fixed main control panel (1).

A simple and convenient format modification ensures a very broad use of the holder.

TECHNICAL DATA Output:30-70 Tubes/min Power supply • Operating voltage (standard):3 x 400 V (three-phase current) • Frequency (standard):50 Hz • Permissible voltage fluctuations: +6/-10 +/-% • Power consumption (without accessories) • Compressed air: 1.4 kW • Working pressure 6 bar Consummation (metal closure): max. 8 NL/min (hot air closure): max. 583 NL/min Water: Consom.(only hot air closure: max. 12 ) L/min. Weight: Metal closing version: max. 1300 kg Hot air closure version: ND Format: Tube diameter: 11 to 52 D Tube Cylinder Length: L Total tube length (max.): 280 L1 Dosage: 2.0 to 400 ml Noise emission value (standard) dB(A) approx. 75

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TONAZZI Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers TONAZZI Colibri 80
Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers TONAZZI Colibri 80
Colibri 80

Automatic metal tube filler

Technical details: 12 stations, for aluminum tubes diam. 10 - 50mm, length 50 - 200 mm, volume 3 - 200 ml, max performance 3,300/4,800 (laminated + PVC/aluminum) tubes/h., 1 filling station, automatic tube feeding with loader, available tube formats, coding unit, hopper-tank with external heating (steam/water) with agitator,

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