Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15

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Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15

Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15
SARONG Tube Filler Machines/Suppositories fillers SARONG SAAS 15

Suppository filling machine Sarong SAAS 15
This is a fully automatic machine for the production and packaging of suppositories in deep-drawn Alu/Alu strips.
The machine has an output of approx. 20,000 suppositories/hr.
Two strips of aluminium foil are cold-formed and sealed leaving an opening at the top.
The suppository mass is filled into the shells, which then pass into the cooling tunnel.
The top of the suppository shells are sealed, coded, perforated and notched and the suppository strip is separated vertically.
Two aluminium foil reels are placed on the machine on the left hand side and are guided vertically through the forming station.
The suppository shells are formed by appropriate moulds and compressed air.
The strip then passes into a sealing and filling station where the two halves are aligned, joined and sealed at the base and sides.
The suppository mass has to be pumped into a 80 litre capacity product hopper which is jacketed and fitted with a stirrer.
Fourteen filling needles fill the suppository mass into the shells, which are then transported intermittently through four cooling carousels.
After the cooled and hardened suppository strip emerges from the tunnel, the top of the strip is sealed by electrically heated sealing jaws.
At the same time a code, batch number, use by date etc can be embossed.
Perforations are cut between the individual suppositories and a tear-notch can be cut into the suppository to facilitate opening.
Foil Material Aluminium Duplex Foil 20 micron PP, 40 micron Alu, 20g/m2 PE Max.
Roll Width 50 mm.
Max. Roll Diameter 490 mm.
Output approx. 20,000 suppositories/hr.


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