Mixers for Liquids and Creams

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Mixers for Liquids and Creams [1]

COMASA Mixers for Liquids and Creams COMASA  VERSATO 300
Mixers for Liquids and Creams COMASA VERSATO 300

VERSATO was designed for the development of new products, as well as for the production of products with small batch sizes. The product quality obtained can be reproduced in production scale VERSATO equipment, mainly due to geometric, kinematic and dynamic similarity. Ideal for the manufacture of creams and gels, achieving very short mixing and emulsion times.

- Counter-rotating mixing system, consisting of a peripheral anchor with clockwise rotation, copying the geometry of the container with Teflon scrapers, and a central agitator with counter-clockwise rotation, both with blades inclined at 45º.
- Open cage rotor-stator type emulsifying turbine, with high shear power, to perform Homogenisation, Emulsification, Gelification, Deagglomeration, Solubilisation, etc. functions.
- Independent motors for each agitation.
- Manually removable modules for easy cleaning.
- Exclusive "free of bolts" system in Teflon scrapers.
- Hydraulic system for lifting and turning the vessel.
- Double jacket (heating - cooling / insulation).

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