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Sachet fillers

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Sachet fillers [1]

Seram Sachet filler Seram C/102
Sachet filler Seram C/102

The machine is able to dose all types of materials in powder or in very fine granulometries, compatible with the feeding tube; in particular it is suitable for dosing powdered milk, pharmaceutical powders, spices, flours, coffee, etc...
The machine can dose from 2 to 6000 cm3 of product.
The doser is controlled directly from the keyboard of the matching packaging machine.
This machine allows to dose the product to be packaged by making a volumetric measurement through the control of the number of fractions of turns made by the screw.
The construction principle of the machine is based on an auger which, as it turns, pushes a volume of product proportional to the number of revolutions towards the outlet.
Depending on the speed of the auger changes the product that is dosed in the time unit.
It consists of: a metal structure, a three-phase motor (No. 1 figure 1. 2) used to prevent the product from clogging inside the dosing funnel (No. 2 figure 1. 2 ), a brushless motor (No. 3 figure 2.1 variable speed to turn the auger.
The fractions of the conclea are regulated by an encoder (inside the brushless motor) and controlled directly by the P. L. C. control of the packaging machine.
Length: 1050mm
Width: 520mm
Height: 1000mm
Weight: 150 kg
Electrical consumption (only in the version with foot valve) 3. 5 NI/' at 6 bar
Tyres 3. 5 KW, 380 V, 50 Hz

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