Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens

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Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens [3]

Eurovent  Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens Eurovent  600
Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens Eurovent 600

Machine type: Model 600
Max. working volume: 600 litres
Max. working load: 220 kg
Material container bed mesh: conidor plate
Product filter-bag: twill weave nylon with brunsmet thread
Lifting ram pump: 20:1 air driven hydraulic pump
Air handling unit:
Inlet air filtration: EU4 Panel – EU13 HEPA
Heating medium: saturated steam@3.5 bar g
Consumption: 0.1 kg/s
Heating capacity: 90°C Temperature Rise
Design pressure: 6 bar g
Centrifugal fan:
Process fan capacity: 1.6 ‎m³/s @ 20°C
Developed pressure: 7500 Pa
Fan motor: 22 kW
Dry mill
Motor: 4kw
Vacuum unloading:
Convey rate: 720 kg/hr
Electricity: 415V, 50 Hz,3ph. N.E.
Air supply: 4 – 6 Bar g to ISO 8473-1 class 1-2-1.
Air consumption: 4.7 litres/sec.

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Aeromatic GEA Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens Aeromatic GEA T5
Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens Aeromatic GEA T5
Aeromatic GEA

This is a steam-heated Fluidbed Dryer which is suitable for processing batches between 50 and 150 kg depending on the characteristics of the product. The Dryer comprises a Stainless Steel Filter Housing with retractable Product Container. The base of the container is fitted with a Stainless Steel wire-mesh.
Product to be processed is placed into the Product Container which is then positioned underneath the filter housing. The filled container is placed into the opening at the base of the column and pushed upwards by a pneumatic ram. It closes against a seal at the base of the column thus forming a closed system. Air is now drawn through this system by fan – ambient air is sucked in and through a Heating Register, through the perforated base of the product container and into the product which is dispersed and thoroughly dried within the Filter Housing.
A special Filter is fitted above the product container inside the column and this prevents product particles to be sucked out of the column. During this process, the air supply is interrupted. An air exhaust duct is mounted
At the end of the drying process, the product container is released and pulled out of the column for ease of disposal.
The operator controls are located in a separate console and include temperature controls and process timers.
Tecnica details :
Pressure shock resistance 2 bar
Reacting pressure “ex” flap 0.1 bar
“Ex” flat area 0.83 m2
Air preparation housing :
Pressure shock resistance 0.06 bar
Heating medium steam
Compress air connection 6 bar

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NUOVA OSAR  Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens NUOVA OSAR  OPV700
Fluidbed Dryers and Dryers/Ovens NUOVA OSAR OPV700

Powder drying oven .

Temperature:250° Weight: 300 kg Electrical characteristics: 400 V - 50/60 Hz Three-phase - 6.5 kw

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