New machines

Thanks to our great experience, we also design and produce monoblock machines according to your production requirements.


Automatic filling and capping machine suitable for filling and capping plastic and glass bottles, designed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. 

  • Allows filling in one cycle by means of tracking nozzles;
  • Intermittent motion;
  • Central starwheel, equipped with safety clutch, for bottle transport to the different operating stations
  • Vibrating bowls placed on the operator side, for an easy closures loading
  • One through tabletop conveyor, for the bottle inlet and outlet, with adjustable guides,
  • All the parts in contact with the product are made of 316 L Stainless Steel;
  • Wide range of options available;
  • Maximum accessibility to all working areas;
  • Easy and perfect cleaning of all parts;
  • Manufactured in AISI316 polished stainless steel;
  • Complete separation between mechanical parts and working area;
  • Increased time for the filling operations therefore higher performance.

Change over

Minimum quantity of change parts, in order to achieve:

  • Very fast changeover time with reduction of dead times and consequent longer time for the production
  • Easy changeover, tool free
  • Low costs of additional sets of change parts with cost reduction 

Filling and capping systems available:

  • Volumetric pumps;
  • Peristaltic pumps; 
  • Syringes/valves; 
  • Capping systems;
  • Plugs;
  • R.O.P.P.;
  • Child proof or alucaps screw caps with torque control;
  • Pumps and droppers;
  • Station available for more than one application.


Further technical details:

MECHANICAL SPEED: up to 70 Cycles/Minute

DOSING RANGE (with volumetric dosage system): 

From 1 ml to 500 ml with stainless steel syringes 



  • Diameter  from 18 to 80 mm  

 Total bottle height, without closure: from 35 to 180 mm 


INTIMAC electronic powder dosing machine for powdered products, in bottles or jars, using a screw system.

Particularly suitable for applications under laminar flow and for use in sterile environments

- The parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel or approved materials

- Dosing range:

  • Micro dosage from 1mg to 12 gr.
  • Macro dosage of 13 gr. to 1500 gr.

- Fast format change

- Electronic adjustment of all dosing parameters

- Machine made in compliance with current regulations

- Options available on request




SVF conveyor are foreseen where a little product flow rate are requested with a smallest installation space needed and quickly & easiest cleaning operation.

Principally used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for packing and tableting machines feeding.
The smallest dimension and the manufacturing by single body AIS316 made allow a quickly installation and very fast cleaning operation.

Storage volume of 5 and 10 liters and possibility to be drive by pneumatic vacuum or electric blower pumps, allow the SVF conveyor to reach until 300kg/h as per flow rate with transportation distance within 30 meter.

Compared to the conveyor belts, porters and lifting cups, please consider the SVF benefits as follow:

  • easy dispatch operation during cleaning operation.
    (made by single operator without using special or mechanical key)
  • reducing of plant stop time for cleaning operation.
  • reducing installation space, due to the fact that the conveyor system are vertical development.
  • easy installation and adaptation also to existing plant.
  • flow rate and total distance of transportation can be improved in the future without change the conveyor body, only the pumps in the case of biggest performance request.
  • reduced cost impact.
  • no sensory alteration of the product during transport phase.
  • no product contamination during transportation phase.
  • no product loose during transport phase with daily product savings compared to the normal conveyor belts, porters and lifting cups or similar systems.



INTIMAC offers you consultation and assistance to 360 degrees, not only on the machine you are looking for or on the complete revamping of your equipment, but also on the supply of the accessories which are necessary for their perfect functioning.
Here are listed the accessories available for your machines. For any request, or for a simple consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Filling Needles

Dosing Pumps

Punches for tabletpresses

Transport Formats

Spare Parts for different machines


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