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Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders [10]

IMA BFB Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders IMA BFB MS500
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders IMA BFB MS500
IT169 20-00039

Shrink bander wrapper with tunnel IMA BFB MS500
The machine is supplied with a self-retaining manual stop.
The presence of foreign body under the welding device or the infeed unit overloaded causes the automatic emergency stopping of the machine due to the action of safety microswitch.
The welder is supplied with teflon coating and spring support.
The main motorization consists of a self-braking motor complete with expansible pulley for speed adjustment that has a fixed diameter pulley with fiction clutch, one chain for motion transmission from the reduction unit to the camshaft.
By varying the diameter of the expansible pulley the machine speed changes.
The input of the bundle in the welding area is made by means of the plate towed by a chain operated by a self-braking geared motor.
– Infeed belt conveyor.
– Induction sealer.
– Staging and intermittent feed for different carton sizes.
– Very compact design machine.
– Equipped with shrink tunnel with internal circulating fan and discharge cooling fan TECHNICAL DATA
Frequency Hz 50 Voltage Volt 380.
Production up to bundles/min 30 PE.
Film Width mm: mm 50-500.
Film roll Max diameter: mm 300.
Tunnel opening: mm 230 x 560.
Case Height: 12-100 mm.
Case Width: 15-330 mm.
Case Length: 50-300 mm.
Bundle Height: 30-200 mm.
Bundle Width: 15-300 mm.
Bundle Length: 60-330 mm.

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Pester Pac Automation Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation Pewo fold 2 K
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation Pewo fold 2 K
Pester Pac Automation
Pewo fold 2 K

Full Overwrapper machine Pester Pewo fold 2 K
Films that can work: polypropylene, cellophane, PVC.
Width Max film: 450 mm.
Thickness: 0.020 0.050 mm.
Max diameter of the reel: 350 mm.
Diameter of the roll holder: 76 mm.
Insertion length: from 60 to 350 mm.
Useful height: from 20 to 140 mm.
working height: 900 - 950 mm.
Air connection: 1/2 inch.
Working pressure: 4 bar.
Electrical connection: 230/400 V PE, 50 Hz.
Control voltage: 24 V.

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Pester Pac Automation Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation EVP2 Compact
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation EVP2 Compact
Pester Pac Automation
EVP2 Compact

Bundler, case packer and palletizer Pester EVP2 Compact
Operation (three-in-one) System developed for stetchbanding collations (collations or individually wrapped products), the automatic erecting of cases, collating of the bundles in the case, filling of the case from the top (top loading) and subsequent palletising. Products Cartons Design Compact, space saving design.
The focus of this equipment is a 6-axis Kuka-robot which is working as product inserter as well as palletiser.
Clear ergonomic position of all components, easy access due to swivel-type magazine.
Flexible application for different formats and pallet layouts? easy programming.
The main element is the modular 6-axis jointed arm robot from KUKA that uses PC technology and, as a result of its kinematics, can move freely in 3 dimensions.
Multifunctionality and movement with the smallest footprint saves space and enables a high packing density.
Over 50,000 KUKA robots are in use worldwide.
This technology guarantees the highest level of productivity with an availability of more than 99 percent (70,000 hours 'mean time between failures‘).
Machine dimensions 4100 x 3370 x 2200 mm [L x W x H] Ceiling height 3250 mm to allow for operating range of robot Case type American case Sealing method tape Max robot lifting 15 Kg.
Format range of film wrapped:
Seal width max 250 mm
Entry width max 180 mm
Insertion length max 400 mm
Insertion height max. 200 mm
Insertion height min. 30 mm
Film material polyethylene
Min. format range : case 250 x 150 x 150 mm [L x W x H]
Max. format range : case 450 x 300 x 350 mm [L x W x H]
Performance up to 5 cases/min.
Pallet size 1200 x 800 - 1200 x 1000 - 1200 x 1016 mm
Max. palletizing height 1300 mm (including pallet)
Electrical details 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Power installed 9 kW
Max air connection 10 bar
Working pressure 6 bar.

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Cam Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Cam G60
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Cam G60

CAM automatic bundling wrapping machine G60 is a new concept machine, designed to carry out bundling and complete wrapping of parallelepiped shaped products, at very high speed, using heat-sealable plastic film and, upon request, Kraft paper.
It maintains ample flexibility of employment, guaranteeing high performance and reliability.
The completely automatic working cycle, requires the operator only for wrapping material reel change. This operation is quicker thanks to the rapid film replacement device. The second reel shaft is supplied standard with the machine.
Pre-arranged for easy and rapid change-over, this machine is extremely versatile.
All adjustment facilities have been arranged on the operator's side, while structural elements, which limit accessibility to the product handling, have been eliminated.
The machine basement enables complete separation of product handling area from the mechanical driving mechanism.
• all controls are achieved by means of mechanical positive movements.
• stop and start of infeed conveyor are controlled by incoming product.
• speed is adjusted in continuous way by a selector on control panel.
• dragging of wrapping material is carried out by means of a mechanical gripper which works on entire film width.
• Stacking of products is mechanically achieved with counting of number of layers.
It can be installed in any packaging line and can be connected to any upstream machine by simple closing up.
This machine is equipped with "Picomat" PLC and visualisation display to identify causes for machine stop or guards opened.
Speed per minute: max 60 strokes
Power Absorption: max 3,5 KW
Gross Weight: 1650 Kg.
Net Weight: 1.350 Kg.

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Pester Pac Automation Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation PEWO Fold 1HS
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation PEWO Fold 1HS
Pester Pac Automation

Shrinking units for sheets Pester PEWO Fold 1HS
Pester fold 1 banding with full wrap and sealing of page
Package size:
EL = 107-152 mm
EB = 57-126 mm
EH = 110-125 mm
Folentypen: PP, regenerated cellulose, PVC
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V+N+PE 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 4,8 Kw/10 A
Fuse rating (max.): 16A
Operating pressure: 4,0 bar

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Sollas Deutschland GmbH & Co Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Sollas Deutschland GmbH & Co S60
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Sollas Deutschland GmbH & Co S60
Sollas Deutschland GmbH & Co

Sollas S60 wrapper for cardboard packaging
The plant was built in 2007 by Sollas Deutschland GmbH & Co KG. Since then it has been used
for packing cartons. It has a product retraction function, so that folding boxes can also be welded with “feet. ” Aggregate: wrapper s60 60 pcs. /min. Film rollers:
Max. Outer diameter 400 mm
Max. Roll width 435 mm
Min. Internal diameter 70 mm
Max. Internal diameter 83 mm
Min. Cutting length 50 mm
Max. Cutting length 750 mm
Dimensions of the packaged goods:
Length: 40 mm/300 mm
Width: 20 mm/200 mm
Height: 16 mm 96 mm
According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the machine is designed for the following packaging materials:
- Coated paper
- PP
- PE
The machine is designed for the complete or partial packaging of products. Unpackaged food is not

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Uhlmann Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Uhlmann 3040E
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Uhlmann 3040E

Flexible end-of-line packer for banded and shrink-wrapped bundles.
The Stretch-banding machine wraps cartons in optional bundle configurations and can be seamlessly integrated into the Uhlmann line. The handling of multi-lane bundles and various stacking systems offer maximum flexibility for pharmaceutical packaging. The GMP-compliant cantilever design allows the user good accessibility and facilitates cleaning. The SmartControl operating system permits intuitive and comprehensible operation of the machine. Furthermore, it assists the user during a format changeover, which can be completed in less than ten minutes as few format parts are involved. All these factors contribute to the particularly high efficiency of the machine.
Reliable process and uninterrupted production
The extensive, integrated protection, monitoring, and early warning systems of the machine enhance the reliability of the process – after all, every conveyor stop impacts the OEE. Examples here are the tear control function that checks the top and bottom film, and an integrated safety system that signals when the film is coming to an end.
The film splicer in the Stretch-banding machine permits an automatic reel changeover, ensuring smooth production without any stops. Both uninterrupted production and the integrated early warning systems significantly improve the economic efficiency of the packaging process.
Stretch-banding machine – numerous benefits in its favor:
Flexible: A positioning device as well as various stacking systems permit individual configuration of the carton bundles. The packer can handle multi-layer bundles.Reliable: The tear control function monitors both the top and bottom film, and integrated safety and warning systems ensure a smooth process.Ergonomic and safe: GMP-compliant, ergonomic design gives the user good accessibility, ensures easy cleaning of the working stations, and offers pharmaceutical safety of the highest standard.Integrated: Full integration into the Uhlmann line with respect to the SmartControl operating system, design, and software enhances operation of the Stretch-banding machine.User-friendly: Software-controlled processes, few format parts, and easy adjustments ensure a high level of user-friendliness. Efficient: Short changeover times on the machine, on account of the small number of easily handled format parts and the automatic reel changeover, add to high productivity.

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MARCHESINI GROUP Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders MARCHESINI GROUP FA04/S
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders MARCHESINI GROUP FA04/S

Multipack (Marchesini) FA04/S bundling and stretch banding machine, bundle sizes from 30 x 12 x 50mm up to 350 x 200 x 200mm (minimum individual carton size 15 x 12 x 50mm), output up to 50 bundles per minute.
Includes infeed and outfeed conveyors.

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Pester Pac Automation Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation PEWO PACK
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders Pester Pac Automation PEWO PACK
Pester Pac Automation

PEWO PACK automatic wrapping machine Min / max bundle dimensions: - 60 x 30 x 60 mm [L x W x H]
- 360 x 180 x 250 mm [L x W x H]. Cadence: up to 80 packs / min. Power supply: 3x400V + N + PE / 50Hz Operating pressure 5 bar. Usable film type: PE material. Film width: min.: 50 mm - max.: 250 mm. Film thickness: min.: 25 μm - max.: 100 μm. Reel diameter: max.: 300 mm
T-4000 welding machine with automatic folding of the fins. Top and bottom sealing. Power control with SOCO SYSTEM controller ensures efficient separation and high capacity. The compact machine is available in two basic models T-4000 and T-4200. The machine is very easy to adjust for the current crate size and the adjustment can be done from both sides. Easy belt change. Compact design. Easy and economical maintenance. Extensive range of accessories, eg. Wheels with brakes, packing tables and conveyor belts.

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BERGAMI Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders BERGAMI BERGAMI CM40
Overwrappers/Shrinkwrappers/Banders BERGAMI BERGAMI CM40

The CM40 is a versatile overwrapping machine that can be supplied with various feeding systems. The machine has proven itself at hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. The products can be wrapped either as single packs or in bundles with heat-sealable materials from reel of coated polypropylene, cellophane, PVC and others.
Designed around three concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint; because of its flexibility and easy operation, the CM40 is one of the best known overwrapping machines in the packaging industry.
The film feeding by means of positive grippers allows the use of difficult and thin films and by stopping the film over the product guarantees an unsurpassed aesthetic quality of the overwrap.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS dimensions min. 60mm - MAX. 300 mm min. 50mm - MAX. 150 mm min. 25mm - MAX. 90 mm Mechanical speed = from 40 to 60 windings per minute (depending on the options installed on the machine) Installed power (basic machine) = 2,5 KW Air consumption (basic machine) = 40 NI per minute Air pressure = 5/6 bar Approximate net weight = 750 KG Noise level = <72dB

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