Sachet filler/ stick pack

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Sachet filler/ stick pack [1]

Schmucker S.r.l. Sachet filler/ stick pack Schmucker S.r.l. TENAX 8 L
Sachet filler/ stick pack Schmucker S.r.l. TENAX 8 L
Schmucker S.r.l.

The machine has 8 lanes, and each lane allows for a 70mm wide bag. The maximum number of cycles is 55 Cycles/Mn i.e.: 8x55 = 440 Bags/Mn Max. The actual speed then depends on the quantity of product/bag and the smoothness of the product.
Filling accuracy of the bagging machine. Two dosing systems are supplied with the machine, one volumetric, the other with a worm screw. The dosing accuracy indicated by the manufacturer is +/- 3% of the target weight per bag (if Maxi variation in product density +/-2%).
The machine is not equipped with an individual bag weighing system. Weight control is done by manual sampling.
One of the two dosing systems allows to dose two different products in the same bag
+ Horizontal continuous motion cartoner BERGAMI AS 200 L, designed for medium/large size products cartoning applications and is suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and consumers products industry.

Installed power 21,3 400 v 3PNP5PH 50hz

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