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PAGO Sold PAGO System 250
Sold PAGO System 250
System 250

Measures of the machine 2500 x 1700 x 2100 mm.
Working height approx 850 +/- 100 mm.
Weight 700 kg.
Working speed up to 150 bottles per minute.
electricity 400 V N / PE 50 Hz.
Absorbed power 10 A.
Air consumption 6 bar.
Maximum diameter reel 400 mm.
Allen hot foil coding system.
Automatic discard system if the label is missing.

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FETTE Tablet Presses/Tablet Dedusters FETTE P2200
Tablet Presses/Tablet Dedusters FETTE P2200

Tablet Press FETTE P2200
Table rotation speed: 15 - 55 min.
Number of station: 35 stations.
Tablet diameter max.: 16 mm.
Max tablet thickness: 8.5 mm.
Pitch circle diameter: 410 mm.
Compression force max: 100 kN.
Initial compression force: 100 kN.
Filling depth: 18 mm.
Type of tool: EU Norm B.
Weight: 3500 Kg.

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Sold KILIAN S250

Tablet press Kilian S250
Tablet output: 270.000/h mechanical speed.
Number of station: 40 stations.
Tablet diameter max: 13 mm
Max depth of fill: 16 mm.
Compression force max: 80 kN.
Initial compression force: 40 kN.
Type of tool: EU Norm B.
Height of the machine with filling hopper: 1900 mm.
Project floor area: 1100 x 800.
Weight: 2000 Kg.
Year of manufacture: 2001.

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Tablet press Kilian TX 30
Tablet output: 190.700/h mechanical speed.
Number of station: 30 stations.
Tablet diameter max: 16 mm.
Compression force max: 80 kN.
Initial compression force: 20 kN.
Type of tool: EU Norm B.
Height of the machine with filling hopper: 1900 mm.
Project floor area: 1100 x 800.
Weight: 2000 Kg.
Year of manufacture: 1991.

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IMA Sold IMA HT400
Sold IMA HT400
IT145 20-00025

Coater IMA HT400
The Solid wall pan, with no perforations, makes it possible to process all sizes and shapes of product without clogging.
The shape, combined with the surface smoothness, bring a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material.
An exclusive, patented drying system.
Two paddles immersed in the core bed guarantee that the drying air is conveyed directly through the tablet mass, thus avoiding swirls and turbulence inside the pan.
Either blowing or exhausting paddles can be used, depending on the process requirements.
The use of different sizes of paddles guarantees high flexibility in terms of pan working capacity.
Spray guns :
Both Sugar and Film spray guns can be easily fitted on the sliding support arm, which can be rapidly removed from the front door of the pan, allowing their calibration/adjustment and fast, safe cleaning and sanitizing operations.
The high technology HT system is the ideal solution for the film and sugar coating of tablets and microtablets.
The exhausting paddles, immersed in the core bed, guarantee the optimum ventilation results that are required during aqueous film coating, as well as maximum versatility to obtain the best results in the sugar coating processes.
Technical details:
Minimum/maximum working capacity (litres): 200÷400
Pan Diameter: 1630 mm.
Pan mouth diameter (mm): 520.
Pan motor power: 4 kW.
Process air delivery (m3/h): 2500.
Power consumption: 25 kW.

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CARTONNER, Manufactured by PROMATIC (ROMACO Group), Model AS-300 Cartonner, set up for blister & inhaler insertion into cartons.
Year 2002, Serial Number 6502038, 415volts, 50Hz, 6Kw, weight 3000Kgs.
Maximum nominal capacity of 300 per minute.
There are 5 x sets of change over parts for the following carton sizes and the cartoner was set up and tested on all the following sizes: 42x25x100mm, 42x52x100mm, 42x40x100mm, 51x18x102mm, 51x30x102mm.
The machine comes with a good supply of spare parts from the manufacturer.
Also with a GUK leaflet Inserter, Type FA21/4 Cartonac 2000, Number 53675, Year 2008.
Also with Laetus COSI 221-01 pharma-code reader, serial 82692.
The AS300 cartonner has a size range of : A=25mm to 100mm. B=12mm to 70mm. C=70mm to 200mm. A+B=140mm.

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FB 420

Blister machine for pre filled syringe Marchesini FB 420
Automatic Deep Draw Thermoformer High speed mechanical intermittent motion fully automatic packaging machine, balcony structure, independent servo-driven stations, stainless steel finish, PC-controlled.

Designed to fit pharmaceutical-production environments, it thermoforms trays for vials, ampoules, syringes and similar products out of thermoformable films such as PVC, PET, Polystyrene (PS), PP, PLA, multilayer laminates etc.
Its sturdiness, modular structure, simple operation and the easy, tool-less change over make it reliable, highly flexible, efficient and easy to service.
Main features:
Independently servo-driven machine stations.

Machine cycle-speed is adjustable from the main HMI, under size dedicated recipes
Two web-index grippers grant the highest precision
in pitch repeatability
Easy, tool-less change over:
 index change and size-related parameters automatically selected from HMI Integrated Robomaster for products Pick-and-Place.
Prepared for connection from/to in-line
integrated machines
High-speed fully automatic positive products feeding systems are available.
High draw depth (up to 42 mm)
 ZERO-WASTE version (FBZ) with quick die-cutter available (subject to the format configuration).
Max forming depth (mm) 42 mm;
Mechanical speed Forming/Sealing 8-50 cycles/min;
Mechanical speed Standard Cutter 8-50 cycles/min;
Max forming area Film width (A) max 254 mm Film index (B) 320 mm;
Max die-cutting area Film width (A) 248 mm;
Film index (B) 310mm.
Output max. 48.000 syringes/h.
Power installed machine with sealing station 36 KW;
Compressed air consumption (6-8 bar) machine with sealing station 1150 Nl/min;
Cooling water consumption machine with sealing station ca. 370 L/h;

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IT162 20-00022
MA 352

Automatic Horizontal Cartoner for trays with syringes or ampoules
Continuous motion horizontal cartoner, suitable for high speed packing in cartons of all products normally on pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, such as blisters, sachets and trays.
Entirely built with a balcony structure, this machine
has all features and advantages of Marchesini cartoners: carton magazine in an optimum position, maximum accessibility, extremely fast change-over times, minimal maintenance.
Possibility of collecting the various rejects (product, carton, leaflet) in different containers, allowing improved recognition and control of the rejected items and easier, safer handling of rejects.
General features:
Balcony construction fully compliant with GMP standards;
All feeding units located in ergonomic positions;
Mechanical parts in an oil bath to reduce maintenance and limit noise.
Reliable and fast Simple, fast size change-over, can be performed entirely from the machine front;
Touch Screen operator interface, for controlling and changing all machine functions;
Self-diagnosis function;
Help function to quickly and easily reset any faults;
Leaflet feed with automatic folder in a position easily reachable by the operator;
Printing system.
The machine has the ROBOCOMBI, It is a three axis robot with suction cups pick-up head, continuously receiving the products, counting and feeding them into the cartoner bucket chain.
The whole system is automatically synchronizing with both the upstream machine and the cartoner according to the speed and to the required stacking.
Technical data Approx.
Net weight 2500 kg;
Installed power 7.5 kW;
Compressed air consumption (6 bar) 240 Nl/min;
Mechanical output (up to) 400/min.
Carton size range : A = 25 ÷ 70 mm / B = 15 ÷ 85 mm / H = 65 ÷ 190 mm A+B = max. 165 mm.

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Multipack Sold Multipack F97
Sold Multipack F97
IT166 20-00036

Stretch banding machine Multipack F97
Stretch banding machine Automatic intermittent motion machine designed in accordance with cGMP standards for wrapping with stretch lm.
Conceived primarily for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets, simplicity of design and high-speed output are its main features.
General features:
Servo driven motor guarantees reliability and synchronized movement even at high speed.
Machine and motors managed by PC.
Balcony style structure with clear division between mechanical parts situated at the rear of the machine and product ow at the front.
Ergonomic structure facilitates machine inspection and provides high work ow visibility.
Simple and linear construction for easy cleaning Speed, strokes and single group positions are set up from the PC, making correct machine set-up automatic and size changeover extremely quick and easy.
Output up to 50 bundles/minute
(a) = Width of product: From 35 to 90 mm;
(b) = Height of product: From 15 to 90 mm;
(h) = Length of product: From 75 to 155 mm;
(A) = Width of bundle: From 70 to 180 mm;
(B) = Height of bundle: From 15 to 180 mm;
(H) = Length of bundle: From 75 to 155 mm;
Film reel PE- LD:
Inside reel diameter 75 mm.
Outside reel diameter 300 mm.
Length from 40 to 100 mm.
Thickness 38 μ
The sealing unit has been specifically designed to guarantee high quality bundles from an aesthetic point of view and to prevent the lm from tearing.
The bundle is held in place during the sealing process by a mechanical spring presser.
The sealing temperature is automatically controlled by the PC.
The variable-stroke sealing unit is controlled by a servo driven motor and, depending on the bundle height, is adjusted from the PC.
The machine is equipped with a compressed air cooling system.
The carton in line infeed unit includes: Two lateral belts, activated by an independent motor which is controlled by an Inverter.
Speed is stored in the PC recipe.
Adjustable lower guides for the cartons based on the ‘b’ dimension of the carton.
Variable stroke stacking unit with servo driven motor to maximize necessary stroke for the required elevation based on height ‘b’ dimension of the carton.
Photocell to verify maximum load.
Carton-stacking hopper with an easy-opening side guard to facilitate machine access.
The stacking unit operates with a comb-like movement.
Once the bundle has been grouped, a pusher transfers it to the sealing unit where it is wrapped.
This pusher, thanks to its vertical comb-like movement, optimizes bundle grouping time and signi cantly increases output.
The stacker is powered by servo driven motor and the stroke is adjustable from the display.
This system enables the machine to operate at high speed and packs cartons 2 rows wide by 5 rows high, handling 500 cartons a minute in input without having to turn the carton on edge.

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IMA Sold IMA K150
Sold IMA K150
IT168 20-00040

Cartoner for bottles Ima K150
The K150 horizontal cartoning machine has been designed to be inserted in medium production packaging lines. The speed definitely higher than the norm is the result of a continuous research that has allowed to reach an advanced technology in the packaging sector.
The K150 packs products from the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries in boxes.
Cases of the pre-glued type are loaded into the warehouse for easy access for the operator, are picked up and opened in positive by a suction cup device in phase with the transport system.
The same can have the interlocking closure with even edges, alternating flaps.
The carton magazine is designed to be integrated with a horizontal motorized belt, to allow the operator an easy loading of the cartons, also allowing a high autonomy.
The K150 has dimensions that allow it to be placed in a small space; for these characteristics it is extremely accessible to the operator.
The format parts and the related records have been made in such a way as to allow the operator to carry out the format change in a short time and with safety.
The plates on which the closing movements of the boxes are mounted can be simply and quickly disassembled and replaced with other pre-recorded ones, to carry out a very rapid format change or a change in the type of closure.
The K150 comes with a feeding system for bottles, which automatically separate and orient the product before it is gently introduced into the previously opened and formed case.
The PLC automatically controls all the packaging phases, indicating any anomalies on the display and, if necessary, stopping the machine to allow checking.
Machine weight: 100 kg.
Compressed air consumption: Nl/mion.75.
Total installed power: 2.5 KW.
Speed: max. 120 cycles/minute.
CARTONS DIMENSIONS A 20 - 85 x B 12 - 60 x C 50 - 190 mm.

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LETZNER Sold LETZNER 2000 Liters
Sold LETZNER 2000 Liters
2000 Liters

Osmosis Letzner 2000 liters
LETZNER HPW Letzner highly pure water system Reverse Osmosis EDI
Year: 2006.
Production capacity of 2000 lt/h.
Machine description:
Machine for the for the production and distribution of Highly Purified Water (HPW).
The HPW is produced by means of the following preparation stages:
UV treatment;
Fine filtration;
Reverse osmosis with carbonic acid storage in readiness;
Membrane degassing;
Electro deionization;
The feed water used for the preparation corresponds to drinking water quality.
The output of the pharmaceutical water system is at least 2000 liters per hour.
The system is controlled by a central control cabinet.
Also included in the system is a visualization computer, which is built into the control cabinet.
During the standby phase, water is constantly circulated via the de-tanning system so that it is repeatedly routed through the UV system in the feed water inlet in order to reduce the risk of microbial contamination.
Temperature-controlled, the circulated soft water is replaced by fresh drinking water.
The UV treatment in front of the reverse osmosis membrane system serves to protect against microbial contamination.
HPW circulates its own production via the production plant for times when the system is fully operational. The de-icing unit circulates separately.
In addition, during the standby phases, the reverse osmosis system is charged with carbonic acid during the weekdays in order to obtain unfavorable conditions for microorganisms in the plant.
At the same time COr Dosage serves the jerking of possibly existing inorganic deposits (scaling) on the membranes.
The entire pharmaceutical water treatment plant can be sanitized with hot water.
The plant is sanitized with HPW from the ring which the plant itself has produced.
The water is brought to the desired temperature for the sanitation via DTS heat exchanger.
The sanitization is automatically controlled and monitored.
The generated HPW is required in an existing storage and distribution system.

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Elettracqua  Sold Elettracqua  14 mc/h
Sold Elettracqua 14 mc/h
14 mc/h

Water pre-treatment Elettracqua 14 mc/h
The pretreatment includes all the process steps to prepare the water to feed the final water treatment steps that could be Reverse osmosis, Elettrodeionization, Ultrafiltration and if WFI is required distillation. The pretreatment is very important because if not adeguate could cause problems to the final purification step.
The pretreatment will be developed depending from the final PW treatment selected; the pretreatment will be finalized to the control or remove the following main groups of impurities:
Turbidity and particulates ;
Hardness and metals;
Organics and impurities;
Oxitating agents.
The raw water analisys is the first step to achieve a successful water treatment plant.
Starting from your water analysis we’ll design the Water Treatment Unit to meet your compendial PW or not compendial final water requirement.
The pretreatment may include some of the following:
Dualmedia filtration;
Cartdrige filtration;
Water softening units:
Chemical injection systems;
Particulate removal filters;
In-line Ultraviolet Units;
Antiscalant injection systems;
Heat exchangers.

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Klöckner Pentaplast Sold Klöckner Pentaplast CP 10
Sold Klöckner Pentaplast CP 10
Klöckner Pentaplast
CP 10

Blister machine Klöckner Pentaplast CP 10
Manufacture Klöckner Model CP10
Mechanical output: 250 blisters/minute.
Year of manufacture: 1990, rebuilt in 2008.
Forming depth: 12 mm.
Max width forming film: 240 mm.
Reel of thermoforming PVC: max. 500 mm.
Reel of lidding film: max. 300 mm.
Forming material PVC – PVCD.
Voltage 220/380.
Cicles 50 Hz.
- HAPA UV Printer H-226-I
- Lynx/Scanware camera
- Various format parts/spare parts.

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RBP Bauer  Sold RBP Bauer  RBP D3600
Sold RBP Bauer RBP D3600
RBP Bauer
RBP D3600

Deblister RBP Bauer D3600
Most of our customers have a D3600 installed near every blister line to improve their batch yield.
Equipped with speed control, magazine level monitoring, level sensors, counter and product-specific tool sets the machines ensures gentil and GMP-compliant recovery of pharmaceuticals which can thus be returned to the current production cycle.
The D3600 can handle push-through blisters lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally, depending on the pocket position and the convexity of the blisters.
Different product raws can be recovered separately.
It is also possible to use a manual feeder (e.g. for extremely blisters).
An optional brush roll working in opposite direction ensures the safe recovery of small products from large AI/AI pockets.
Version Mounted on mobile stainless steel workstation.
Size (L x W x H) 950 mm x 500 mm x 1100 mm.
Weight 110 kg.
Output infinitely variable, up to 60 blisters/min.
Format range (W x L) 150 mm x 120 mm.
Supply voltage 110/230 V AC/50-60 Hz.
Control voltage 24 V DC.

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Uhlmann Sold Uhlmann C130
Sold Uhlmann C130
IT057 20-0021

Cartoner for blisters Uhlmann C130
This cartoner is suitable for cartoning blisters and adding leaflets with a leaflet folder.
The machine is arranged for variable speed operation and has a capacity of approx. 120 cartons/min.
It is designed to handle cartons of the following sizes:
• Length: min. 70 mm - max. 150 mm.
• Width: min. 30 mm - max. 100 mm.
• Height: min. 15 mm - max. 85 mm.

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