Inspection Machines for Ampoules and Vials BOSCH KLD 1041

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Inspection Machines for Ampoules and Vials BOSCH KLD 1041

Inspection Machines for Ampoules and Vials BOSCH KLD 1041
KLD 1041
BOSCH Inspection Machines for Ampoules and Vials BOSCH KLD 1041

BOSCH Type KLD 1041 Leak Test Machine for Ampoules and Vials
Year: 2006
Leak test machine for glass containers. Linear automatic machine for the inspection of ampoules, injection cylinders/cartridges and injection bottles/vials, which checks each container at four inspection points by means of high-voltage technology. The testing principle is based on the detection of the changing impedance of a container filled with an electrically conducting liquid.
The containers are examined for: hairline fissures and pinholes ; insufficient glass wall thickness/tip domes too thin ; capillary pores ; leaking fusion points, sealing points and ampoule neck tips ; absence of fill.
It is recommended to carry out the container leaktightness test directly after sterilization or fusing.
The unit is equipped with: conveyor system, infeed belt, 4 high-voltage inspection stations (1-2 check bodies and tip/seal, 3-4 check base and body), result display, transverse push discharge for rejected containers, outfeed for accepted containers. The unit treats only dry and externally clean packaging material. The infeed conveyor spaces the containers and turns them during their travel through the infeed helix into the horizontal position. Processing and output ranges are dependent upon individual containers, line integration etc. Characteristics: GMP-compliant machine design. Container rotation for inspection of the whole circumference. Easy operation. Cantilevered, vibration-free construction, panelling made of stainless steel. Drive elements incorporated into the machine housing and protected. Max. detection security due to 4 testing points adjustable independently of one another.


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