Complete Lines Uhlmann UPS 1070 - C 2404

We carry out the complete revamping of the machines

Complete Lines Uhlmann UPS 1070 - C 2404

Complete Lines Uhlmann UPS 1070 - C 2404
UPS 1070 - C 2404
Uhlmann Complete Lines Uhlmann UPS 1070 - C 2404

Blister line Uhlmann: Blistering machine UPS 1070 - Cartoning machine C 2404
Blistering machine UPS 1070:
•Complete ELAU upgrade with 15" TFT TouchControl screen
•Complete mechanical overhaul
•Lateral web control forming film
•Cutting and splicing table
•Splice detection
•3 zone heating station
•Berlex feeding boxes with product level control
•Safety flap
•Camera inspection for product, print position and product verification after sealing
•Lid foil unwind stand from the rear to include cut and splice table, splice detection (inside and outside), low level monitoring, reversing shoulder and lateral web control
•Sealing station
•Contact station
•Embossing station
•Punch station
•Vacuum belt outfeed
•Upgrade to main pneumatics with air dump valve
Technical data
Max. output: 1200 blister/min.
Foil width: min 150 mm, max 300 mm
ET index: min 130 mm, max 280 mm
MT index: min 30 mm, max 120 mm
Blisterlanes: max 3-lanes
Blister dimension length: min 30 mm, max 120 mm
Blister dimension width: min 60 mm, max 284 mm
Forming depth: max 10 mm (PVC foil) max 8/10 mm (Alu foil)
Cartoning machine C 2404
Year: 2000
Rated voltage: 3/PE AC 380 V, 80 Hz
Rated current: 7.5 A
Back-up fuse: 20 A


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