Capping and Closing Machines GF MVT 26

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Capping and Closing Machines GF MVT 26

Capping and Closing Machines GF MVT 26
MVT 26
GF Capping and Closing Machines GF MVT 26

The bottle closing machine in modified atmosphere and vacuum, has been designed and built according to the most modern and advanced technologies. All the solutions adopted are the result of research and design aimed at building safe, reliable machines capable of guaranteeing high quality and production standards.
The machine has been built with high quality components to guarantee low maintenance and a long working life. The piping, fittings, valves, materials and installed instrumentation comply with F.D.A. directives.
All machine parts, smooth surfaces, rounded corners have been specially designed to facilitate cleaning and sanitising.
Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.
The bottle capping process is divided into the following stages:
1. Bottle infeed: The containers coming from the line arrive at the machine where an auger sets them up at the machine's pitch. The screw feeder leads the bottles into the infeed starwells where, after a rotation of about 180°, they are deposited on the carousel plates.
2. Capping in a modified atmosphere: The infeed star deposits the bottles onto the carousel platters, which move the bottle towards the capping head; the bottle capping procedure is divided into the following stages: Bottle Lifting, Bottle Uncapping, Bottle Vacuum, Bottle Nitrogen and Cap, Bottle Vacuum, Bottle Capping, Bottle Descent and Release.
3. Bottle unloading: The exit star receives the bottles from the capping carousel and deposits them after a rotation of about 180° on the exit belt, close to the ejector.
4. Bottle rejection: The rejection system is implemented by means of a system called Soft Push, characterised by the presence of a pad covered with absorbent material and driven by a pneumatic cylinder. Upon receiving the rejection signal from the machine's control logic, the pad comes out, hits the containers with capping imperfections and moves them to an independent rejection accumulation. Conversely, suitable bottles will be free to flow to the next process.
The production speed can be varied by acting on appropriate parameters settable from the control panel. The maximum speed attainable is 9,000 bottles per hour with 100ml bottles.
Year of construction: 2006

Length mm 4550 Width mm 2310 Net weight Kg 5000 Frequency Hz 50 Voltage Volt 380 TECHNICAL PRODUCTION CHARACTERISTICS Production 9000 Bottles / h (100 ml) Size of treated bottles 50 / 100 ml Treated bottles material: glass Steam consumption 300 Kg / hour Water consumption 18 lt / min


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