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Macchina Flexografica [1]

Hapa AG Macchina Flexografica Hapa AG H 230 S-1C-LR
Macchina Flexografica Hapa AG H 230 S-1C-LR
Hapa AG
H 230 S-1C-LR

Printing system Hapa H 230 S-1C-LR m.n. 26065 from 2006
Max. print area HAPA 230 180 x 300 mm
Max performance (number of print cycles): 120 pr minute
Max printing speed: 21,6 m/min
Max draw-off speed: 20 m/min
approx. weight of top mounted machine Hapa 230 : 370 kg
approx. weight of integrated machine Hapa 230 : 170 kg
separate electrical cabinet: 200 kg
infeed dancer: 380 mm of stored web
outfeed dancer: 980 mm of stored web
Input material Aluminium, PVC, paper
Web width Hapa230: max 370 mm
Ink printing: Hapa UV links in cartridges
Dryer Hapa 230: UV lamp 12 W/cm, no ozone
Power supply (4 wire network) 6kVA
Voltage: 480 V and 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption per phase 10A
Compressed air 6 bar
Output flume flow exhaust air: 250 m3/h
Temperature output 70°C

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