Remplisseuse e Boucheuse Stérile Marzocchi U 14

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Remplisseuse e Boucheuse Stérile Marzocchi U 14

Remplisseuse e Boucheuse Stérile Marzocchi U 14
U 14
Marzocchi Remplisseuse e Boucheuse Stérile Marzocchi U 14

Fully automatic Filling Machine Model "U14"
The machine is of the rotary intermittent type, operating on six ampoules simultaneously at the following stations: feeding, downturning, carving, cutting, upturning, filling, welding, counting and ejecting.
At the critical points of the machine there are safety contacts for immediate cut-out in case:
- the ampoules are not returned in upright position before filling.
- an ampoule is broken during filling.
- the pressure of inert gas (when used) falls below a pre-fixed minimum.
The machine, conceived to handle closed ampoules, can also handle open ampoules.
The machine can also fill ampoules to be liophilized as well as weld ampoules after liophilisation, because it is very easy and quick for the operator to disconnect the necessary sections to keep the ampoules in the upright position during the whole cycle.
Production rate: 4.000 to 14.000 per hour depending on the volume to be filled and the characteristics of the solution.
Dosing capacity: 0,1 ml. to 20 ml.
Filling accuracy: + 0,5% of dosified volume
General characteristics

To obtain a really high versatility and simplicity of use, the machine has been conceived with special devices to allow very simple operating procedures with a single operator:

- All adjustments are on the outside of the main body, easily accessible without any disassembling.
- A change in the size of the ampoules can be made without the use of any tool; the ampoule cups can be released and replaced by the operator's hand.
- Graduations for the correct positioning of all the sections are based on the height of the welded ampoules. It is then very easy for the operator tomake the necessary adjustments, depending on the ampoule's size.
- All parts which are not directly accessible are provided with technical solutions which allow good performances of the machine even in the case that there exists an impossibility of carrying through the required maintenance.
- All parts in contact with the liquids are made exclusively of stainless steel AISI 316 L, 321, teflon and glass.
- All points to be frequently disassembled for cleaning, washing and sterilising (pumps blocks; needles group; carving system) are of the quickcoupling type.
Specific characteristics:
Feeding: the standard feeding chute can be replaced with another of special dimensions to meet with special requirement of the users.
Carving: is made by a special disc rotating at 7.000 r.p.m. on a separate three phase motor, fed through an electronic frequency converter.
Filling: if the solution requires elimination of oxygen from inside the ampoule, double-walled needles are used for the filling.
The inert gas flowing in the chamber between the two needles makes a kind of flush on the ampoule before the liquid gets into the ampoule (acting as pre-gasing), and flows continuosly during the filling until the final exit of the needles.
A pressure switch cuts-out the machine if the inert gas pressure falls below a pre-fixed minimum.
The suck-back system is adjustable, so that when filling larger volumes with high viscous products, it is possible to keep high accuracy of dosification.
Washing of the pistons: the dosing pistons can be washed at every dosing stroke to allow trouble free operation even with satured solutions, solutions of organic base or, generally speaking, with solutions which don't otherwise allow a smooth filling cycle.
Welding: pull-seal welding system, operating with a gas and oxygen flame. The regulation of gas and oxygen is separate but single for the six flames.
Ejection: made with a slow-down device to avoid any shock before the complete cooling.
The welded ampoules, after cooling, may be collected at random or marshalled into metal trays.
Dimensions of this system may be specially tailored, as for the feeder, to meet with specific user's requirement.
The machine is protected all around its perimeter by means of a cabin equipped with doors in the aim to have an effective protection but at the same time an easy access.
Any of the doors may be accidentally open when running, the machine will stop immediately.
Only a peculiar operation can activate a specific running mode for maintenance purpose, where the machine can operate with safety doors open.
net weight of the machine: kg. 800 approx.
gross weight of the machine packed for shipping:
kg. 1.150 approx,
packing dimensions: mt.2.00 x 2.00 x 2.10 h. approx.


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