Lignes Complètes Uhlmann ESA1025+ B1240+C2155+ XS2 +PEWO PACK + T-4000

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Lignes Complètes Uhlmann ESA1025+ B1240+C2155+ XS2 +PEWO PACK + T-4000

Lignes Complètes Uhlmann ESA1025+ B1240+C2155+ XS2 +PEWO PACK + T-4000
ESA1025+ B1240+C2155+ XS2 +PEWO PACK + T-4000
Uhlmann Lignes Complètes Uhlmann ESA1025+ B1240+C2155+ XS2 +PEWO PACK + T-4000

Complete line for packaging carpules consisting of:
Vial / cartridge labeller ESA1025 Bausch & Stroebel
The ESA series labelers apply self-adhesive labels from the roll to small bottles and vials, as well as vials, cartridges and other unstable containers. These continuous motion labellers have an extremely compact design. All electrical, electronic and PLC components are integrated into the machines to save space. The label dispenser has a modular design and can be equipped with both intermittent motion printing systems and continuous motion printing systems. The basic equipment of the label dispenser ensures that the containers are labeled precisely and delicately. To provide greater convenience and reliability, the functionality of the label dispenser can be enhanced by a number of additional control devices and workstations. Speed up to 30,000 vials per hour. Container diameter: 7.5 - 36 mm. Container height: 20-140mm.
Uhlmann B1240 blister machine for carpules
Versatile brush feeder, simple operation and low product follow-up costs
Productivity with the smallest footprint. Small and light tools. Technical data
Max.output 250 blisters / min. Plate sealing principle. Index x width max. 130 x 156.5 mm
Forming depth max. 24mm. Forming material max 400mm. Cover material max 240 mm
Processable thermoplastic forming materials, PVC, PVC / PVDC, PVC / Aclar laminates, Al laminates, PET
Workable lid materials Heat-sealable aluminum foil, paper, PVC or similar
Cartoning machine for packing blisters and sheets of 1, 2 or 3 pieces C2155
An intermittent motion cartoner of the latest generation of machines with exceptionally simple operating functions. Maximum reliability for the packaging of blisters, bottles, vials or pillow packs, for example. Highlights: Servo regulated handwheel index and product loading for process reliability. Cardboard warehouse of approx. 1,500 cartons. The rotary picking of the cardboard with the function of mechanical pre-breaking allows the processing of practically all types of cardboard. Interchangeable locking station: easy transition from interlocking to hot-melt closure. Quick format change with few easily replaceable format parts. Max. Production 150 cartons / min. Intermittent operating mode. Scope of application blisters, bottles. Max. Carton size [A x B x H] 115 x 100 x 170 mm. Pitch 140 mm. Max. No. of blister 14. Max. height of blister stack 95 mm. Types of interlocking closure
The XS2 dynamic scale has a particularly compact design and a small footprint. This makes it perfect for applications where factory space is limited and allows for easy integration into the existing production line. With the "auto setup" software wizard and easy-to-use 15-inch touchscreen interface, minimal menu setup training is required. The multilingual user profile and product image features ensure quick product changeover and fewer operator errors, minimizing downtime.
PEWO PACK automatic wrapping machine Min / max bundle dimensions: - 60 x 30 x 60 mm [L x W x H]
- 360 x 180 x 250 mm [L x W x H]. Cadence: up to 80 packs / min. Power supply: 3x400V + N + PE / 50Hz Operating pressure 5 bar. Usable film type: PE material. Film width: min.: 50 mm - max.: 250 mm. Film thickness: min.: 25 μm - max.: 100 μm. Reel diameter: max.: 300 mm
T-4000 welding machine with automatic folding of the fins. Top and bottom sealing. Power control with SOCO SYSTEM controller ensures efficient separation and high capacity. The compact machine is available in two basic models T-4000 and T-4200. The machine is very easy to adjust for the current crate size and the adjustment can be done from both sides. Easy belt change. Compact design. Easy and economical maintenance. Extensive range of accessories, eg. Wheels with brakes, packing tables and conveyor belts


Nous vous aidons à choisir la machine la plus adaptée à vos exigences grâce à une expérience trentenaire dans l’industrie pharmaceutique et cosmétique et un vaste assortiment de machines dans un entrepôt d’environ 5.000 mq


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