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Cam Complete Lines M92F + PG
Complete Lines M92F + PG
M92F + PG

This intermittently operating Blister packer is designed for the production of deep-drawn and sealed blister strips. The machine operates left to right and is arranged for variable speed operation with a maximum capacity of 40 strokes per minute.
After the blister is filled with ampoules. At the next station the web of blisters passes into a guillotine where the blisters are cut out. The blisters are placed onto a conveyor and are transferred to the Cartooning Machine.
Deep-draw foil is drawn from a reel on a separate reel-holder at the left and is fed to the heating- and deep-draw station where the blister pockets are formed with the assistance of compressed air.
At the filling station, product is fed into the formed blister pockets.
This machine is fitted with an automatic product infeed assembly where product is extracted from magazines (not included) and is then aligned and placed into the pockets.

Technical Specification: Max. output: 40 Max. forward draw:204 mm Max. draw depth: 28 mm Foil width: 256 Max. reel diameter Deep-draw foil: 400 mm Compressed air: 6,0 - 8,0 bar Air consumption: min. 500 NL/min Cooling water required: approx. 0,7 m3/hr Power consumption: 13kW This Blisterpacker is currently fitted with the following format parts: 1-2 ml CARTONER: CAM PG Automatic horizontal intermittent motion cartoner Cartoner for large size products. Capable of mechanical speeds from 15 to 70 cartons per minute. (Actual speeds dependent upon nature of product.) Carton Size range : A Dimension Min 50mm Max 200mm B Dimension Min 25mm Max 120mm C Dimension Min 105mm Max 300mm A + B Max 290 mm Machine is set up for Glue closure Manufacturer: CAM Model: PG Machine equipped with:GUK LEAFLET FOLDER

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Complete Lines MARCHESINI GROUP AEC212+MP2PCN+ FC420+MA305
AEC212+MP2PCN+ FC420+MA305


IT488 Corima AEC212 Syringe Labeler and Plunger Inserter with Plunger Unscrambler and Label Easy-Splice IT489 Horizontal intermittent and continuous motions cartoner Ima Flexa IT491 De-Nester Corima model MP2 PCN , this unit automatically picks-up the filled syringes from the nests and feeds them to the plunger insertion and labelling machine IT 493 Marchesini MA 305 cartoning machine with robot Horizontal high-speed cartoner with continuous motion for packaging products in interlocking cartons with 3 even or alternate flaps. IT 495 Marchesini FC420 thermoforming machine for pre-filled syringes with feeding system

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Uhlmann Complete Lines Uhlmann LINE BLISTER UPS4 + CARTONER C130
Complete Lines Uhlmann LINE BLISTER UPS4 + CARTONER C130

blister line composed of
22F38 Uhlmann blister machine UPS4 year of manufacture 1999
min.-max. forming width 62 - 226 mm
cycles: 15-50 cycles/min
depth: pvc 12 mm alu 10 mm
blister format: min. 60 mm max. 140×39 mm
punching area: length 226 mm, width 284 mm
forming film width: min. 100 mm max. 298 mm
covering foil width: min. 100 max. 298
tooling: pvc/alu - 6 blisters of 39×94 mm
alu-alu - 7 blisters of 38×86 mm tablet check :

22F39 Ulmann cartoner C130 year built 1995
Max. output 150 cartons/min.
Intermittent operating mode
Blister application range
Maximum carton size [H x B x H] 100 x 85 x 150 mm
5'' pitch
Maximum number of blisters 10
Maximum height of blister stack 80 mm
Tuck-in and hot-melt closure types

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IMA Complete Lines IMA C70
Complete Lines IMA C70

Blister and cartoner line
Blister line Ima C70
Forming material Alu , PVC ,PVC / PVDC , PP ,PVC/Aclar
Lidding materials Alu-hard , Alu-soft , Alu/paper , Alu/Polyester , PP and other
Production speed max 210 blister /minute
Blister dimension : Width 30-80 mm Length 60 - 130 mm
Depth 3- 12 mm
Automatic Feeder
Inspection Camera with rejection
Speed 120 cartons per minute
Dimension of the box (A) 20-85 x (B)12 - 60 x (H)55 - 140 mm
Guk leaflet

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Aeromatic GEA Complete Lines Aeromatic GEA MP 3/2/4-K2-F1/2 SATIN
Complete Lines Aeromatic GEA MP 3/2/4-K2-F1/2 SATIN
Aeromatic GEA
MP 3/2/4-K2-F1/2 SATIN

the plant is an all-round production machine and is suitable far:
- Fluid Bed Drying (all sorts of fluidised products)
- Spray Granulation (all kind of powdery products) via top spray procedure
- Coating of micro fine products as well as pellets via top spray procedure
- Coating of micro fine products as well as pellets via bottom spray procedure
The AEROMATIC-FIELDER Quality Pian guarantees the manufacture of the Fluid Bed Unit to the highest levels of finish/fabrication and comply with latest issue of the following standards
FDA Guidelines
European GMP's
GAMP's Guidelines revision 4
The Fluid Bed ·Unit is designed to be integrated in a wall between production and technical areas and is executed to achieve the highest levels of GMP which requires a radical separation between production equipment and peripheral mechanical and electro-pneumatic equipment. In the proposed execution only the Fluid Bed Apparatus and the membrane operator panel are in the process area.
10 bar is the recognised state of the art Fluid Bed construction and offers several advantages over conventional design
- No explosion relief duct is needed allowing for a more flexible installation,
- No environmental pollution in the event of an explosion,
- Optimum conditions for total processing containment.

Through-The-Wall-Design (TTW)
Clear separation between production area and technical area Substantial reduction in GMP space needed
No maintenance interventions needed in production area

The suggested FBD plant design allows the following processes
A) Drying in the fluid bed
A batch of fluidised wet material is put into fluidisation through an upward movement of heated air during which the whole surface of the particular product particles is in contact with the hot air. Each particle/granule is uniformly dried to low final moisture content. This is achieved as a result of an even temperature profile throughout the powder bed.
B) Agglomeration in the fluid bed
If a starting product, consisting of fine powder or core sized particles, has to be transformed/changed into a homogeneous rough sized granule it can also be done in a Fluid Bed. The appropriate liquid is sprayed onto product particles which are floating in the airflow, this produces an agglomeration of the particles. The adherence of the particles can be achieved by etching the particle surface with a spray liquid or through using or a spray liquid with a binding agent dissolved in a spray liquid. The agglomerates formed are fixed by the drying process.
C) Coating in the fluid bed (predisposition for the future use)
If individual particles of a product require coating to modify the characteristics and/or provide a protective membrane, the process is similar to that of fluidised bed spray agglomeration. The coating media is dissolved/dispersed/suspended in an appropriate carrier liquid and sprayed onto the fluidised particles. The process can be with top spray with the latter generally used for processing dense and large particles.

Fluid Bed Multi - Processor
Typical working capacity (approx.) 15 to 50 litres
Typical batch size 7.5 kg 25 kg
(Average product density 0.5 kg/I)
Max. working volume 55 litres
Granulation liquid based on Purified Water
Process inlet air heating range: 750 to 1100 m3/h at 50°C (valid far empty machine)
Process inlet air volume range: +8 to +12 °C
Process inlet dew point

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MAR Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines MAR MC-9TS/1A
Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines MAR MC-9TS/1A
22F33 - 22F85

Filling machine for nasal sprays and eye drops
Special equipment: Two isokinetic probes for particle control including vacuum pump
Manufacturer: MAR
Model: MC-9TS/1A
Year of construction: 1999
Weight: 1600 kg

Here are the details:
Possible formats:
20 ml nasal spay Snap on
10 ml eye drops screw closure
20ml flanging
30ml flanging

Nasal spray approx. 45 units/min.
Eye drops approx. 32 units/min. 20-30 flanging approx. 35 pcs/min
Max. speed 50 units/min. /(manufacturer's specification)

Current: 4 kw/ 380 V 50 Hz
Air pressure: min. 5 bar

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Neri Marchesini Complete Lines Neri Marchesini complete line for bottle filling and packaging
Complete Lines Neri Marchesini complete line for bottle filling and packaging
Neri Marchesini
complete line for bottle filling and packaging

complete line for bottle filling and packaging consisting of :

-NERI Turn table before Filling machine, Μodel: S, Type: I6, SN: MTFA 01201 with integrated bottles air cleaning unit .
-ΜΑRCHESINI Glass Bottles Filling machine- Type: ΜL646- SN: 696000095, Manufacturing Year: 1996, (bottles: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml)
-Turn Table before Cartoner machine, Model: DMCS, SN: 696000095
-MARCHESINI Cartoner – Type : MA155- SN:396000170, Manufacturing Year: 1997.

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BOSCH Complete Lines BOSCH RRU 3043 +HQL 2440S +ALF 4060 +DRN 3010 +FLC 3060 + VRK 2005
Complete Lines BOSCH RRU 3043 +HQL 2440S +ALF 4060 +DRN 3010 +FLC 3060 + VRK 2005
RRU 3043 +HQL 2440S +ALF 4060 +DRN 3010 +FLC 3060 + VRK 2005

Bosch line for ampoules and vials from 2005 including the following machines :
RRU 3043 +HQL 2440S +ALF 4060 +DRN 3010 +FLC 3060 + VRK 2005

1. bosch vials washing machine RRU 3043
technical specifications
Length 2240 mm Width mm 2130 Height 1700 mm
Net weight Kg 2000
Maximum container diameter 52 mm
Maximum container height 128 mm
Maximum output 12000 / hour
2. Depyrogenation Tunnel Bosch HQL 2440S
HQL installations are ideal for the sterilisation of vials. This model is exceptional because of the low throughput in the tunnel, which is the result of the laminar hot air flow process with its high degree of efficiency. The cooling section operates with laminar flow.
Safe conveyor belts on floor and side levels operated simultaneously. Excellent accessibility and ease of operation.
3. Filling/capping machine Bosch ALF 4060
- Output max. 18,000 ampoules/h
- Pre/post gassing
- Filling
- Preheating
- Capping via spit take-off, closing gassing
- Manual in-process control (IPC)
- Storage of containers in discharge magazine
• Included format sets (diameter): 1 ml, 10.75 ; 2 ml, 10.75 ; 5 ml, 14.75; 10 ml, 17.75
4. Color Ring Printer Bosch DRN 3010
This high-speed machine is design to mark ampoules with single or multiple ring codes. It is useful for identifying trial batches or for adding colour codes to standard batches of Ampoules for identification purposes or to avoid intermixing of batches.
• Included format sets (diameter) : 1 ml, 10.75 ; 2 ml, 10.75 ; 5 ml, 14.75; 10 ml, 17.75
5. Bosch Vials Filler FLC 3060
The continuous motion machine provides a processing range with filling volumes of 0.5 - 500 ml. A “V-cleat” conveyor system offers advantages in ease of size changeover
Filling programs can be stored and recalled via the control panel.
Technical data :
Containers: Injection vials and infusion bottles made of glass and plastic, up to 500 ml.
Diameter 14 - 86 mm
Height 30 - 180 mm
Pharmaceutical liquids (e.g. hydrous solutions, suspensions).
Closures: Rubber stoppers (siliconized or teflonized) in mushroom or freeze dry version
Speed 12.000 vials per hour
6. Bosch Crimping Machine VRK 2005
The VRK 2005B works continuously and has a 5-head capping station with a separate drive for container rotation from the main transport drive and other functions. The VRK 2005 B is commonly implemented in-line with Bosch filling and closing machines such as the MLF, FLC and FLM machines, boasting a very high technology profile.
Processing range:
Container 0 (mm): 13.75-86
Container height (mm): 35-180
Max output per hour: 12.000

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