Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines PLUMAT FFS3000/1

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Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines PLUMAT FFS3000/1

Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines PLUMAT FFS3000/1
PLUMAT Aseptic Filling and Closing Machines PLUMAT FFS3000/1

Completely automatic form fill and seal machine for IV bags.
Available format parts for 100-, 250- and 500-ml IV bags.
IV bags with two ports. LF module included.
Basic technical description of the bag and the bag components:
Bag sizes: possible e.g. 2000 ml, 1000 ml, 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml
Bag material: Polyolefin double wound multi-layer flat film,
e.g. Plycline APP114, Sangewald Propyflex or Wipak Infuking, Cryovac M312-A
Tolerance of bag film thickness: max. 10%
Inner diameter of film rolls: min. 150 mm
Outer diameter of film rolls: max. 600 mm
Bag formats: Minimum 120x120 mm
Bag printing: Hot foil printing, one colour
Printing area: Maximum 200x120 mm/bag
Welding method: Contact heat welding
Welding temperature: 100° C – 250° C +/- 2° C
Port design: PLEUMAT SFC-port, Layout 90-2939
Cap design: Pleumat sfc-CAP, Layout 90-2938
Basic description of the machine:
Output: 1250 pbh – 500 ml
Based on non-foaming products and a liquid pressure of 1,0-5,0 bar +/-0,2 bar
*the effective output can be impaired either by errors in operation, which occur mostly during the starting period or e.g. caused by faulty feed material or other outer influences PLÜMAT is not responsible for. The final capacity can be fixed after clarification of bag film material.
Change over time: Approx. 30 minutes
Filling temperature: Maximum 55° C
Filling product: e.g. Standard IV-Solution
Filling range: 100 -2000 ml
Filling accuracy: 100 ml +/- 1,5 %
250 ml +/- 1,0 %
500 ml +/- 0,7 %
1000 ml +/- 0,5 %
Filling system: One mass flow meter system, with electromagnetic filling valves and microprocessor control unit. Sterilization: The filling system is suitable for automatic CIP/SIP sterilization up to maximum 125# C and prepared for inline sterilization than means no dismounting of any parts. CIP/SIP device is included.
Two TC clamp adapters DN15 colpeted for CIP/SIP output. Connection points for SIP/SIP at end-users side are in DN 15
Product supply: The product must be fed to the filling system under pressure either by pump or pressure tank (1,0 – 5,0 bar +-0,2 bar)
Product connection: TC-DN 15 (Tri-Clamp)
Sequence control: PLÜMAT-PLC linked with colour touch screen
Emergency off: Actuating the emergency off switch stops all electrically and pneumatically controlled functions
Power feed: 230/400 V; 50 Hz +/- 10%: 14 Kw +8,4 KW LF-unit; 35A
Power connection: approx. 14 kW (From Fill Seal Line FFS – 300/1) ; approx. 8,4 Kw (LF-unit)
Sensors: All sensors are prepared with plug/socket connection as far as possible.
Compressed air: 6 bar, free of oil and dry
Suction capacity: approx.. 220 l/min, 18° C
Pneumatic air exhaust: centralized air collecting and exhaust system
Cooling water: Approx. 60 l/h, 15 – 20° C
Maximum room humidity: 70%
Recommended room temperature: 24# C
Materials: All product contact steel parts are made of stainless steel 1.4404/1.4571. All other product contact parts such as flexible hoses and gaskets are made off Silicon, Teflon and EPDM. All other parts are made of stainless steel 1.43014. The pipe connections meet the requirements of din 11850 and the sterile screws the requirements od DIN 11850 and the sterile screws the requirements of DIN 11861/1
Operators: 1 permanent, second operator only necessary for film change.
Operator language: ENGLISH/Cyrillic


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